Set of solutions for banks

Functionality of the  "Card cluster" allows the bank to provide non-financional applicability for cards such as Visa, MasterCard in the following projects:

  • Project "Campus";
  • Fuel project;
  • Loyalty program;
  • Project "Club Card";
  • Transport project;
  • Projects based on the storage and presentation of tickets, tokens, coupons, etc.;
  • Anti-Phishing OTP.


Description of the stages of projects:

  • SmartUp  Applet must be installed on bank cards (suach as Visa, MasterCard) at the stage of production or in the process of card issuance;
  • SmartUp Applet  may be used for implementation of up to 7 non-financial projects;
  • The operator of the project receives from the bank right to manage one or more data areas or Bank takes over the function of the Operator;
  • client initiates personalization of data area in secure infrastructure of bank or project operator;
  • customer use the card as a bank card and for non-financial services;
  • bank increases the amount of non-finaocial projects.

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