Campus project

" Campus Project" based on the "Card cluster" provides following services:

  • identification of students and lecturers in order to:
    • monitoring and controlling access to the premises of the university ,
    • registering of getting services in libraries,
    • controlling access to university’s information resources (e.g. through portals or information kiosks),
    • perform other operations;
  • accounting and recording  of feeding in canteens;
  • implementation of electronic tickets , tokens and coupons for various activities ;
  • registration and use of benefits and discounts ;
  • conducting transactions in vending devices (food, parking meters , etc.) .

Campus projects are not limited to universities and can be implemented on the basis of a distributed network of other  establishments , such as hotels, restaurants, schools, etc.

There is the possibility to implement a project with separate card or with cards of Visa and MasterCard in collaboration with the Bank. Implementation of the project based on bank cards reduces the clubs costs of cards issuance.

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