Card Cluster

The “Card Cluster” is composed of several interconnected technical elements, licenses and methodology.

The main ones are:

  1. The Licenses on the “Card Cluster”-based business management tool.
  2. The SmartUp applet fore cards or smartphones.
  3. The SmartUp ProxyLib-components for managing the applet.
  4. The SmartUp Framework-infrastructure and host components.


2 The SmartUp applet:

  • Can be installed on cards of various international payment systems.
  • Accessible via contact and contactless interfaces.
  • Provides the card’s participation in several projects at a time.
  • Allows implementation of several similar projects within the same data area, e.g. several loyalty programs.
  • Supports stability of solutions on card authentication and fixation of the card operations.
  • Implements functionality of card content dynamic management in insecure infrastructures (smartphones and other devices).


3SmartUp  ProxyLib provides quick creation of solutions for:


4 SmartUp Framework -infrastructure components (front and back-office elements) enable:

  • Processing of non-financial transactions.
  • Identification.
  • Integration with information systems.


Wide functionality of projects based on TP "Card Cluster" provides the following characteristics and solutions:

  • Solutions on personalization, including deferred personalization.
  • Advanced cryptographic functionality, incl. RSA.
  • Bidirectional SCP02 on the applet keys provides content management in unsecure infrastructure (smartphones, card readers, NFC readers).
  • Mifare support.
  • Аnti-phishing OTP, passport functionality etc.

Technological basis of platform "Card cluster" and implemented functionality create the preconditions for the most effective organization of business projects, not only relevant, but also extend the customer's requirements.