Medical and insurance companies

Interactions between medical institutions, insurance companies, patients and pharmacies can be automated with the "Card Cluster". The platform’s functionality allows to:

Medical institutions:

  • patient identification;
  •  reception of information about the insurance program conditions applicable for the patientkeep a history of the disease;
  • use electronic prescriptions;
  • send confirmed by the patient information about services have provided to the insurance company;
  • control access to the premises .


  • patient identification;
  • receive and process electronic prescriptions;
  • send to the insurance company and the medical institution an information about issuance of medicaments confirmed by the patient.

Insurance company:

  • obtain accurate and confirmed information about the treatment of the patient in a medical facility and about provision of the services to the patient.;
  • receive accurate and confirmed information about the fact that the patient got the medicaments in the pharmacy on the basis of an electronic ticket.