The "Card Cluster" technology platform  enables to provide functionality of the projects, based on smartcards and smartphones with NFC,  the compliance with customer requirements and  flexibility of integration via: 

  • capability of use on-line mode as well as off-line mode when servicing customers;
  • applet's  accessibility through contact and contactless interface;
  • applet management components (SmartUp ProxyLib) that provide fast creation of solutions for:
    • Smartphones with NFC,
    • Pin-pads,
    • ATM and self-service terminals,
    • PCs  with PC / SC readers
    • Access monitoring and control systems
    • Vending, Parking meters, and other devices.
  • Infrastructure and host components (SmartUp Framework ),  that provide:
    • ability of non-financial transaction processing;
    • ability of  authentication;
    • integration with information systems based on developed specifications for interaction between front & back ends of infrastructure that provides service to customer